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Regional Coordinator
Thomas Mawolo
email: mawolo
[at] jpccapepalmas [dot] com
phone: 231-6-602-003

Helen Kieh & Amos Payne Jr.
email: greenville [at] jpccapepalmas [dot] com
phone: 231-6-824-571 or 231-6-830-705

Caroline S. Doe & A.B. Weimegar Tyler
email: harper [at] jpccapepalmas [dot] com
phone: 231-6-830-950 or 231-6-

River Gee
Felecia Jallah & Thomas Flah Cooper
email: fishtown [at] jpccapepalmas [dot] com
phone: 231-6-401-070 or 231-6-601-220

Grand Gedeh
Dorothy Nebo & Anthony Thomas
email: zwedru [at] jpccapepalmas [dot] com
phone: 231-6-919-757

Grand Kru
Raymond Chie & Gabriel Nimely
email: barclayville [at] jpccapepalmas [dot] com
phone: 231-6-403-844

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