Breach of Contract

A student reported a breach of contract case to the JPC office in Harper City in May, 2008,. According to the student, his friend approached him to buy his motorcycle for US$400.00 on credit. The two parties wrote out their agreement in an arrangement allowing the buyer to pay for the motorcycle in four installments, beginning October 24, 2007 and ending January 24, 2008. The student claimed that the buyer consented to the payment and made the first payment but later refused to pay the balance.

This action led the student to take his friend to the Magisterial Court, and which sent him to prison. Later, however, the judge of the Circuit Court released the buyer from prison without paying for the remaining money. While in that confused state, some community members told the student about the JPC and he went there for intervention.

After meeting with JPC monitor Caroline Doe and learning about the mediation process, the student accepted it as a resolution tool. JPC then successfully invited the friend to take part in the mediation.

During the mediation process, the friend admitted his failure to pay the debt. At the end of the mediation, the parties signed an agreement which declared that the friend would pay the balance, which is sixteen thousand, nine hundred Liberian Dollars. The agreement specified that three thousand Liberian Dollars would be paid on the first of every month until the agreed amount is cleared. He paid the first amount on June 1, 2008 at the JPC’s office, where a receipt was given to him for said payment.

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