Accident Compensation

In early January 2008, a man claimed he was taking his regular evening walk when a motorist hit him. The accident resulted in wounds on his foot, right palm, chin. He also lost four teeth and was momentarily unconscious. Some bystanders took him to the hospital, where he regained consciousness, but the motorist involved left the scene of the accident before an identification could be made. This act made the victim furious and he took his complaint to the traffic division of the Liberia National Police in Harper City to seek justice. The police identified the owner of the motorbike but the motorist was no where to be found. The Liberian National Police delayed conducting preliminary investigation in the matter which caused the man to take the case to the JPC office in Harper. On January 4, 2008, the man asked the JPC to intervene in the dispute between himself and the motorist.

AB Wlemongai Tyler, a JPC monitor, told him about the mediation process, which he accepted. AB Wlemongai Tyler invited the owner of the motorbike and he honored the invitation for mediation preferring that method to resolving the case through the police.

During the mediation process, the man requested for the owner of the motorbike to reimburse him for the expenses he went through at the hospital for treatment. The amount in question was six thousand Liberian Dollars for expenses at the hospital and additional five hundred Liberian dollars for further treatment. At the end of the mediation, the motorbike owner agreed to reimburse him and on January 15, 2008 he paid the amount of one thousand five hundred Liberian. The balance amount is now five hundred Liberian dollars (500.00LD), which should have been paid on May 31, 2008. The JPC monitor follow up the case and reported that the man is satisfied with the process and he is just waiting for the last payment from the motorcycle owner.

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